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I was fire in your arms
A beating heart, red blood
Sunshine and spring in your presence
But nothing melted you.

Let’s see how you respond
to ice in my veins
Cold shoulder
Short, monosyllabic icicles
Cut to your quick
And make you bleed red
On my white snow
Cold indifference
You mean as much to me
As snow crunching beneath my steel-toed shoes.

Meanwhile, my lips will grace the neck
Of another man with warm, sunshine kisses
And God-willing
You’ll freeze to death
Because I’m done with you.

© 1/29/2014



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How many poems can I write about you?
How many words can I exhaust in my vocabulary
in my effort to exorcise
Every vestige of feeling
From my heart
For you?

To put a name on every facet
Of feelings I have
To put a voice to the unspoken
Leaving me restless and impatient
With unresolved emotions?

How many twists and meanings
Can I glean
From one word?


How many ways can I say I love you?
How many times do I have to say it?
A million Hail Mary’s?
Before my soul feels cleansed
And I feel empty
Repentent and unreplete of all those demons possessing me.

© 1/29/2014


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And the walls came tumbling down
Between us
In your bed
Barriers shattered in intimate contact
Intimate combat
Only to be rebuilt in the cold light of day
No words exchanged
Of what happened the night before.

© 1/29/2014


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*note: this incorporates a previous poem I wrote called “Driftwood”

You are my ocean
I flow with and into your waves
High tides buoy me
Undertows drag me down

I won’t sink
You won’t swim
And this raft is going down
Let’s tie on another piece of driftwood

I can’t drift on my own power
Crash into your shore
Dash me on your nether rocks
Leaving me shipwrecked and stranded

I won’t sink
You won’t swim
And this raft is going down.
Let’s tie on another piece of driftwood.

© 1/29/2014


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They were only tokens
Pale reflections
Nuggets of fool’s gold tossed into my heart
Duping me into feeling they were real.

But you…
You’re my 24-carat truth
Pure, unalloyed
Inclusions don’t mask
Diamond-bright facets
Of what you really mean to me.

© 1/29/2014


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A dreaming bridesmaid,
I hold the bridal bouquet to my heart,
Infuse it with hope, tenderness, and patience,
Put it out in the universe,
Attract the other half of my soul,
The likeness of my heart.

I beam with possibilities.
I want to radiate love and happiness,
Glow within my soul,
Have it meet a like force,
A lifemate,
Combine with satori brightness,
Blinding everyone with its supernova intensity.
But helps them see
A propensity
Supernova of possibilities
Our love, a shining beacon,
Satori in its brightness.

© 4/16/2012


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My eyes
Green with flecks of deep amber
Hidden behind spectacles.

My eyes
Hope seen, a life raft
In bottomless wells of pain and sorrow
Filled with broken glass-infested chardonnay waters.

My eyes
Sparkly diamonds
Reflecting bright facets of love and happiness
Not marred by the color of a bruised heart.

My eyes
Hard as green flint
Impervious to repeated beat-downs and strikings
And they can set fire when struck hard enough.

My eyes
Are survivors.

© 6/26/2012